20 of the healthiest foods

Dec 19
Choosing healthy foods and foods rich in vitamins and minerals that our body needs helps us to live a disease-free life full of health and vitality. In this article, we will present to you 20 foods that the researchers have recognized as the best, in terms of supplying the body with the beneficial elements it needs, through experiments. They conducted it on thousands of foods, and chose it as the most beneficial.

List of the 20 most beneficial healthy foods for the body
The 20 most healthy foods for the human body
1- Hot pepper
One of the most beneficial foods for the body, as it has a nutritional rating of 62, and the number of calories reaches 324 calories in (100 g). The pepper fruit is characterized by containing many substances necessary for the body and beneficial to it.

hot pepper

2- red pepper
Pepper is one of the most beneficial foods for the body, with a nutritional rating of 62, and calorie content of 324 calories per 100g.

Red pepper

3- Almonds
With a nutritional score of 97, it is considered one of the most important foods beneficial to human health, and its caloric content amounted to 579 calories in (100g). Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, and are considered a very useful substance for diabetics and heart patients, as stated in the results of a research conducted by a group of Spanish scientists, that eating 74 g of almonds on a daily basis for a pregnant woman plays a major role in developing the intelligence of the newborn. .


4- Peas
It is a very popular food that usually has a special taste for lunch. Its nutritional value is 67, and the caloric content is 77 calories per 100g. It is a food rich in phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc and fiber.

The benefits of peas

5- Long-legged broccoli
It is distinguished by some length in its stem, and the size of its flower is less than 8, as the nutritional classification score for this type of food is 62, and it contains 22 calories in (100 g). Long-stemmed broccoli differs from the well-known broccoli, as it belongs to the radish family, and it is a substance rich in fiber.

Broccoli is a healthy food

6- Green cabbage
Which does not contain a kernel of food rich in fiber, with a nutritional rating of 63, and a caloric content of 32 calories per (100 g). It helps to lose weight, as it contributes to delaying the tingling of hunger.

green cabbage

7- Red cabbage
Red cabbage is one of the most delicious foods rich in fiber, its nutritional value is 65, and its caloric content is 31 calories per 100g. Red cabbage is characterized by its high content of vitamins.

Red cabbage is a food rich in fiber

8- Basil
It is known as a food for the heart, strengthens it and protects it from diseases. It is said to be a strong antibacterial and antifungal. The nutritional value of basil is 63, and the caloric content is 23 calories in (100g).


9- Frozen spinach
It is rich in magnesium, vitamin A, and folic acid, and its nutritional value is 64, and the caloric content is 29 calories per 100g. Frozen spinach is a substance with greater nutritional value than fresh spinach.

Spinach is a healthy food rich in iron and vitamins

10- Dandelion leaves
It is one of the foods richest in calcium and vitamins A and C, with a nutritional value of 64, and 45 calories per 100g.

Dandelion leaves

11- Pink Grapefruit
The average score for its food classification is 64, and its caloric content is 42 calories per (100g). It contains nutrients with great benefits, including treating acidity of the digestive system, reducing plaque in the arteries, stopping the spread of cancer cells, and others.

The pink griffon

12- green onions
Among the best healthy foods, it is a food known to be rich in copper and magnesium, in addition to being a source of vitamin K. Green onions have a nutritional value of 65, and the caloric content is 27 calories in (100g).

Green onions are a healthy food rich in copper and magnesium

13- Mandalina or tangerine
This fruit belongs to the citrus family, which has a nutritional rating of 67, and a caloric content of 53 calories per 100g. The mandarin fruit is rich in sugars, carotenoids, and vitamin A.


14- Watercress
Watercress is a distinctive healthy food, as its nutritional value is 68, and the caloric content is 11 calories per (100g). This plant, which lives in fresh water streams, is used as a medicine for mineral deficiency in the body.

Watercress is a healthy food that is used to treat mineral deficiency

15- Dried celery
It is dried in the form of leaves, and is used to flavor food. It is an important source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Its nutritional value rating is 68, and the caloric content is 319 calories per (100g).

Celery is a healthy food that is an important source of vitamins

16- Dry parsley
One of the foods that contain the most calories, 292 calories in (100g), and its nutritional rating is: 69. Parsley, which is dried to be used as a kind of spice, is a substance rich in nutrients for bones and teeth, such as fluoride, boron and calcium.


17- Sugar beet leaf
Nutritional score: 70, calorie content 22 calories per (100g)

Sugar beet leaf is characterized by its content of calcium, iron, vitamin K and a group of B vitamins (vitamin B2 in particular), which qualifies it to be and