Grilled salmon with vegetables and rice (479 Kcal, P: 42g, C:53g, F:11g)

Chicken curry with veggies and rice (489 Kcal, P: 43g, C:55g, F:6g)

Green beans beef stew with vermicelli rice (469 Kcal, P:49g, C:57g, F:8g)

Crispy chicken with potato (477 Kcal, P:52g, C:47g, F:9g)

Mexican chicken with veggies and rice (406 Kcal, P:41g, C:47g, F:6g)

Grilled salmon with veggies and sweet potato (367 Kcal, P:38g, C:29g, F:11g)

Sweet potato hash egg and pesto sauce (320 Kcal, P:10g, C:26g, F:12g)

Protein Pancake (242 Kcal, P:20g, C:27g, F:6g)

Steak sandwich with caramelized onion bell peppers (443 Kcal, P:33g, C:53g, F:10g)

Chicken tikka with yellow rice (475 Kcal, P:45g, C:58g, F:7g)

Fish fillet with veggies and potato (366 Kcal, P:43g, C:35g, F:6g)

Cheese meatballs with spaghetti (436 Kcal, P:42g, C:40g, F:12g)

Chicken breasts burger with potato (456 Kcal, P:33g, C:63g, F:8g)

Mustard chicken with veggies and rice (466 Kcal, P:50g, C:53g, F:6g)

BBQ steak with veggies and rice (479 Kcal, P:40g, C:53g, F:12g)

Mexican shrimps with veggies (422 Kcal, P:37g, C:55g, F:6g)

Crispy fish and potato (360 Kcal, P:20g, C:30g, F:30g)

Chicken shish kebab with rice (474 Kcal, P:49g, C:56g, F:6g)