Spinach omelette with sweet potato slices (289 Kcal, P:14g, C:26g, F:5g)

Oatmeal bowls with greek yogurt (360 Kcal, P:18g, C:23g, F:8g)

Foul (230 Kcal, P:12g, C:23g, F:10g)

Egg muffins with sweet potato cubes (279 Kcal, P:13g, C:23g, F:7g)

Eggs quesadilla with salsa and avocado sauce (320 Kcal, P:17g, C:32g, F:12g)

Labneh with olives (320 Kcal, P:7g, C:18g, F:15g)

Protein waffles (328 Kcal, P:19g, C:45g, F:8g)

Panana oatmeal with peanut butter (345 Kcal, P:9g, C:32g, F:8g)

Lions share breakfast (340 Kcal, P:26g, C:39g, F:10g)

Grilled salmon with veggies and quinoa (439 Kcal, P:41g, C:51g, F:12g)

Mexican beef with veggies and brown rice (412 Kcal, P:38g, C:47g, F:8g)

Italian chicken meatballs sandwich with marinara sauce (447 Kcal, P:37g, C:50g, F:10g)

Oven baked chicken and veggies with brown rice (393 Kcal, P:36g, C:35g, F:6g)

Beef burger with potato (517 Kcal, P:35g, C:65g, F:13g)

Salmon with soy sauce and bulgur (403 Kcal, P:35g, C:41g, F:11g)

Chinese chicken with noodles (455 Kcal, P:43g, C:55g, F:7g)

Tahini sauce fish fillet with nuts and yellow rice (502 Kcal, P:45g, C:58g, F:10g)

Lion's share chicken sandwich with hummus and roca (463 Kcal, P:39g, C:52g, F:10g)