Grilled chicken breasts with quinoa (483 Kcal, P:48g, C:54g, F:5g)

Pesto pasta with crispy chicken and broccoli (470Kcal, P:40g, C:40g, F:14g)

Beef curry with veggies and rice (436 Kcal, P:40g, C:51g, F:8g)

Shish tawook with beetroot hummus and potato (400 Kcal, P:43g, C:28g, F:12g)

Smoked turkey omelette (380 Kcal, P:26g, C:39g, F:5g)

Spinach and tomato frittata (290 Kcal, P:18g, C:44g, F:5g)

Meatballs with veggies and sweet potato (340 Kcal, P:42g, C:26g, F:9g)

Chicken original with hot beet sauce and veggies and rice (480 Kcal, P:49g, C:44g, F:12g)

Chicken kabsa (527 Kcal, P:35g, C:81g, F:7g)

Hummus (362 Kcal, P:22g, C:34g, F:15g)

Lazy cake (340 Kcal, P:17g, C:23g, F:6g)

Brownies (231 Kcal, P:10g, C:24g, F:12g)

Halloumi quinoa salad (236 Kcal, P:15g, C:21g, F:11g)

Quinoa tabbouleh with cottage cheese (197 Kcal, P:8g, C:28g, F:5g)

Chicken ceasar salad (230Kcal, P:18g, C:17g, F:6g)

Shrimp salad with cocktail sauce (180 Kcal, P:19g, C:12g, F:5g)

Granola bar (217 Kcal, P:20g, C:23g, F:5g)

Greek salad (180 Kcal, P:8g, C:14g, F:12g)