Arugula salad (158 Kcal, P:2g, C:7g, F:12g)

Quinoa tabbouleh with cottage cheese (197 Kcal, P:8g, C:28g, F:5g)

Chicken ceasar salad (230Kcal, P:18g, C:17g, F:6g)

Halloumi quinoa salad (236 Kcal, P:15g, C:21g, F:11g)

Fruit salad (126 Kcal, P:0g, C:0g, F:0g)

Granola bar (217 Kcal, P:20g, C:23g, F:5g)

Sweet potato with almond butter (232 Kcal, P:13g, C:16g, F:12g)

Brownies (231 Kcal, P:10g, C:24g, F:12g)

Lazy cake (340 Kcal, P:17g, C:23g, F:6g)

Cookies with Oat (177 Kcal, P:5g, C:21g, F:8g)

Millet masub (427Kcal, P:18g, C:58g, F:15g)

Cheese meataballs with rice and veggies (445Kcal, P:32g, C:59g, F:12g)

Okra tagine beef with vermicelli riceb (462Kcal, P:38g, C:46g, F:14g)

Oven baked chicken with bulgur and chickpeas (440 Kcal, P:45g, C:56g, F:4g)

Chicken biryani (539Kcal, P:43g, C:58g, F:15g)

Harira soup (248Kcal, P:22g, C:22g, F:8g)

Broccoli pumpkin (192Kcal, P:12g, C:18g, F:8g)

Hebb with meat (179Kcal, P:17g, C:12g, F:7g)