Oat soup (186Kcal, P:14g, C:10g, F:10g)

Black Lentil soup (213Kcal, P:6g, C:32g, F:3g)

Dates Bitted (284Kcal, P:6g, C:38g, F:12g)

Mini Pancake (171Kcal, P:8g, C:28g, F:3g)

Fattoush salad (167Kcal, P:3g, C:23g, F:7g)

Raheb salad (353Kcal, P:8g, C:24g, F:25g)

Fish fillet with veggies and rice (412Kcal, P:42g, C:52g, F:4g)

Brownies (231 Kcal, P:10g, C:24g, F:12g)

Mini Pancake (171Kcal, P:8g, C28g, F:3g)

Dates Bites (284 Kcal, P:6g C:38, F:12g)